Our Speciality

As we said earlier WBCS is different ball game. Here strategy & planning becomes more effective than hard labour. For devising a fruitful strategy and application of that strategy we follow the 3 (three) rules.

  1. 1. It is an association of top ranked fresh WBCS officers who guides our junior member all along. The vase experience of such successful members helps new aspirants to fine the right strategy for success.
  2. 2. We provide guidance exclusively for WBCS. We believe in specialization and that's why we confined our areas of activity into WBCS only.
  3. 3. We visualize the 'Road to success' of senior in a scientific way. For doing so, our senior members are engaged in makings research work on WBCS. Their analytical approach along with visionary outlook enable us to apprehended & predict the questions in the real exam.