Our Mission

WBCS is an unmatched and very demanding examination which require 'Good presence of Mind', 'Correct and systematic answering technique', 'Quick, right and accurate planning' and 'Skillful application of acquired knowledge at the right time, in a right way, and at the right situation'. Our association strongly believe that to build, enhance and develop the potentiality, capability and efficiency of mediocre students and make them enough qualified in all aspects to crack the WBCS examination in a first attempt and set an example to others. Beside their focus, dedication and perseverance, a prospective, goal oriented, dependable GUIDANCE from this appropriate sources also play a very important and decisive role to build confidence among the candidates to accomplice their goal. So, our mission in to equip our valuable members with the best qualified people's experience, and carry out this exercise under their quality guidance, for every stages of this examination and preparing them for the every critical and complicated situations. At the same time we instill and focus them with right blend of analytical skill, logical thinking, innovative answering strategy, quick decision making skills etc., through which they are capable enough to compete with other competitors in the examination process. In doing so we solely highlighted our study curriculum, preparations and trainings and several other activities for the WBCS examination only. In this era of diversification we did not skip outside the domain of WBCS like Rail, Banks, S.S.C or CAT, MAT, JEE, IIT just only to maintain our consistency and commitment towards the students and their goal. We never make any sorts of compromise with the quality. Our academic association is the only enterprise in the scenario and teaching industry who deals with WBCS examination only. Thus we can assure our aspirants to provide with the best quality guidance, close supervision and prepare them for the most critical and difficult portion / parts of the selection process of the WBCS examination in competition to the other guidance available in the market to make their dreams come true.