About WBCS

No doubt, WBCS is a different ball game altogether and a hard nut to crack but not impossible to achieve. It is within the ambit of one's own will-power and determination. One should always get encouraged by this type of competitive examination and in particular WBCS, because it tests your skill, ability and talent muddled up with one's own way of approach in a programmatic manner. It requires constant interactive and counseling programs where one can feel secured and safe. One should not be in haste or hurry to land up in the corridor of uncertainty. WBCS is a very compact sort of competitive examination where it produces huge and enormous scope of study to the best of one's ability. Here strategy and planning becomes more effective. WBCS Officers are a backbone and boon to the administrative set-up of the Government. They have great responsibilities upon the society as because people are inspired by their relentless works in the field of administration.